Mount Gambier, the “Blue Lake City”, is South Australia’s second largest city. Located midway between Adelaide and Melbourne, it is set amidst a unique and ancient landscape of volcanic craters, lakes, caves, sinkholes, mysterious underground waterways and boasts two State Heritage areas – the Cave Gardens Reserve and Mount Gambier Crater Lakes Volcanic Complex.

The Crater Lakes Complex comprises four craters – Blue Lake, Valley Lake, Brownes Lake and Leg of Mutton Lake – and is recognised as one of 6 sites of volcanic significance. The Blue Lake is the city’s water supply, containing 30,000 million litres and average depths of 70 metres. It is world famous for its annual colour change from a steel grey in winter to a brilliant turquoise blue in summer.

Spectacular views of the Blue Lake and panoramic views of the surrounding hinterland can be accessed from the various lookouts located on the 3.6km road and walking trail that circumnavigates the rim of the crater. Tours to near the surface of the Blue Lake via the pumping station and glass panelled lift operate from the Blue Lake Reception Centre. The Valley Lake, situated in the largest of the four craters, is popular all year round with visitors and locals alike. A well-fenced Adventure Playground and expansive recreational areas make this area ideal for family picnics and activities. The Wildlife Park and Boardwalk presents indigenous species of flora and fauna in an environment very similar to what would have originally been found in the area.With lookouts, nature walks and boardwalks on the Valley Lake, this area is a serene environment where families can spend hours having fun.

Umpherston Sinkhole was once a cave formed through the dissolution of the limestone. This sinkhole was created as a result of the roof of the chamber falling to the floor of the cave, creating the perfect environment for its ‘sunken garden’. Umpherston Sinkhole is open at all times, spectacular by day with its beautiful terraced gardens and exciting at night when the resident possums venture out to feed in the floodlit gardens. Tours of Engelbrecht Cave, take you down into the two underground chambers, showcasing the unique water dissolution process where caves and sinkholes are formed and offers the opportunity to visit where cave divers dive beneath city streets.

The Cave Gardens, situated in the centre of the city was the original source of water supply for the early settlers and is still a central meeting and picnic place renowned for its famous rose garden. Walk down into the cave and venture out onto the suspended viewing platform for a view of the Cave. A spectacular sound and light show tells our Indigenous Dreamtime stories, every night, best viewed down in the cave.

The Main Corner connects heritage buildings to the striking new entrance foyer, featuring a glass atrium, displaying moving images of molten lava and flowing water every night. Also providing the entrance to the Riddoch Art Gallery, interpretive displays and function areas.

Boasting a wide range of accommodation types, extensive and modern shopping precincts, a variety of restaurants, pubs and cafes, Mount Gambier can best be described as ‘the best of the city in the heart of the country’ and is the ideal base for young families and people searching for a “tree change”.

Mount Gambier Visitor Information Centre
‘The Lady Nelson’ Visitor & Discovery Centre
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